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Protesters in America are so dumb they destroyed innocent businesses yesterday sore losers

i am Latino i am not American but why do i love Trump so much? if i were American i'd vote for him not Hillary cuz she's so flakey and she failed to inspire me. Trump's funny and honest.All men talk about pussy anyway so what's the big deal? Trump showed me if you have a dream and work hard you can succeed. So many sore losers and bra burners attending the women's march today sore losers most of them are celeb sluts that flaunt their asses boobs and pussy for a living cheap hoes Cher beyonce lady gaga and other cheap hoes that are bitter. i am gonna get on with my fabulous life as Trump presidency means amazing things happening for the future of my country. i totally trust the businessman because he is the epitome of success.

If were American and I said I supported trump, I would be bashed for it. If I supported Hillary, I would be patted on the back. Voting is in a matter of opinion, but not only an opinion..you need the right info on why you chose him. Sore losers Why didn't you vote? If you didn't vote, it shouldn't matter, you had your chance. Okay. Xenophobic, Transphobic, Sexist, Racist, Bigot, Deplorables. All these labels were misconstrued by the Left in order to justify discrimination towards Trump supporters. Oh I forgot the NAZI. Of course you're JUSTIFIED if the other person is a FUCKING NAZI. Trump is proof underdogs can prevail!

Hay que viva viva Panama!!!
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